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Thinking Differently On Digital Payments And Data

Data breaches are a serious threat to the financial health of businesses and consumers. Is there a newer way to treat data that might also help prevent fraud? Meanwhile, it’s becoming clear that when it comes to banks trying to gain an edge in this increasingly mobile and digital world, technology doesn’t always function as a silver bullet. And a new interview shows that speed in payments is not as important as one might assume, which has wider implications for innovation. Speaking of faster payments: Does the U.S. Federal Reserve have a hidden agenda?


March 19, 2012: Expected rollout date for a third Same-Day ACH (SDA) processing window.

30 years: Age of the world wide web.

51.3 million: SDA transaction volume in Q4 2018.

11.5 percent: Q4 increase in B2B transactions via the ACH network.

2.93 billion+: Number of Visa- and Mastercard-branded debit cards in global circulation.