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Today In Data: Consumers, Brands And The Power Of Self-Sufficiency

self checkout

While consumers are always looking for services – and tend to reward customer-obsessed brands – it can be easy to forget that customers also loving helping themselves, and tend to reward those who make it easier for them to be self-sufficient. That can mean easier commerce across channels, as well as more options for moving and controlling funds. Spending patterns can be hard to anticipate in uncertain times – but there is always pressure to give customers their own way. Increasingly, that means letting them do it for themselves.


$1.5 trillion: Mastercard’s gross dollar volume for Q4 2018 - a 14 percent year-on-year increase.

$72.4 billion: Amazon’s Q4 revenue.

80 percent: How much Zelle’s transaction volume increased in Q4 - hitting $19 billion.

73 percent: Share of consumers who report wanting self-service technologies like self-checkout.

56 percent: Share of consumers that are more likely to shop with a retailer that allows them to enable a single cart across channels.