Current Trade Practices Put Older Companies At An Advantage

Advantage Of Trade Practices For Older Companies

Some firms say they expect their suppliers to accept late payments because they’re important customers. In mobile point of sale (mPOS) news, consumers around the globe are showing more interest in contactless payments. And, in digital innovation news, the automated retail landscape in the U.S. tends to fall into smart vending machines and cashierless-type stores. All this, Today in Data.


75 percent: Portion of U.S. storefronts that currently accept chip cards.

43.8 percent: Share of established, high-margin firms that cite being important customers as a reason they pay late.

$42.5 billion: Expected value of the mPOS market by 2025.

30.4 percent: Share of early-stage, low-margin firms required to pay their suppliers within 15 days.

4.5 million: Number of vending machines in the U.S.