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The Challenges Of Self-Checkout, IoT Technology

The Challenges Of Self-Checkout, IoT Technology

There’s not much argument against self-checkout systems as a means of improving the customer experience, but at least a temporary blowback to the technology has begun. Opposition from the workforce that could be displaced by the technology is growing louder, even as consumers appear to be embracing self-checkout. And in connected devices, it is becoming more important to defend the Intelligence of Things (IoT) ecosystem as emerging technologies spread across business sectors. All this, Today in Data.

Today in DataData:

1,700: Number of stores to which Target has added self-checkout.

$500B: Estimated value of the overall IoT market by 2021.

75 percent: Share of IoT adopters who have shifted or plan to shift to blockchain.

48.6M: Approximate number of consumers interested in non-traditional unattended shopping experiences.

33 percent: Portion of Target customers who use self-checkout.