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Providing Convenience With Brick-and-Mortar Stores, Automated Retail

Brick-and-Mortar, Automated Retail Convenience

Foxtrot, a small company out of Chicago, is reinventing convenience store retail and taking it uptown. The retailer features gifts as well as standard convenience store necessities, and shoppers can also order products through its app or eCommerce site to be delivered within an hour. And Nutrimeals is taking the spirit of automation to Calgary offices with kiosks filled with fresh and prepared meals. All this, Today in Data.

Today in DataData:

150 percent: The year-over-year growth of Foxtrot’s eCommerce operation.

54.6: The collective CCI score of merchants, which evaluates their desktop and mobile checkout experiences, as of Q4 2019.

24.6 percent: Share of consumers who would spend more when shopping at unattended locations than at traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

$17M: Amount of Foxtrot’s recent funding round.

2: Number of Washington, D.C. locations Foxtrot plans to open in the spring.