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Taking Digital Approaches To Marketplace, Restaurant Operations

Digital Approaches To Marketplaces, Restaurants

Online marketplaces have been essential for companies and consumers who want to transact under stay-at-home mandates, but these platforms need formidable security approaches in place to prevent fraudulent sellers from joining or scams from occurring. And in retail, digital innovation is mitigating COVID-19 impacts for dining establishments, while Walmart and Amazon are competing for holiday spending. All this, Today in Data.



700K: Approximate number of Alexa developers, per several estimates.

109%: Rise in volume of online orders placed with U.S. retailers from May 1 to May 14.

61%: Approximate share of Chipotle’s Q2 sales represented by digital revenue.

34: Number of countries for which DHL launched an online marketplace last year.

23.5%: Year-over-year growth in average global eCommerce transactions in April.