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Innovative Approaches To Digital Onboarding And Marketplaces 

Innovation In Digital Onboarding, Marketplaces

Colleges are still adapting to the coronavirus pandemic’s impacts on the educational systems throughout the country. Amid this challenging time, some universities are supplementing their onboarding processes through mobile applications. And in retail, one venture capital firm is bringing the partnership model to Amazon sellers. All this, Today in Data.


$100M: Amount of capital AccrueMe announced that it will infuse into the Amazon seller system.

27%: Share of consumers fraudsters have targeted with COVID-19-related phishing schemes.

20%: Portion of U.S. college students who had taken at least one online class in 2018.

14.5%: Increase in online account openings among community financial institutions since the start of the pandemic.

2.3M: Minimum number of active sellers currently on Amazon’s marketplace.