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The Pandemic’s Impact On The Digital Shift And Payments

Pandemic’s Impact On Digital Shift And Payments

The pandemic created a digital-first customer in a matter of 12 weeks amid a massive shift to digital in categories such as grocery and food delivery. PYMNTS identified four digital consumer personas that provide new insight into whose digital habits might be enduring, where and why. And the pandemic has changed how consumers shop and pay for everyday purchases, which has reshaped how businesses accept payments. All this, Today in Data.


92%: Share of Canadian consumers who feel COVID-19 contact tracing apps must be also designed for user privacy.

53: Number of days that consumers added to their own pandemic recovery timetable less than a month ago.

27: Number of EU member countries in which RevoluPAY can operate with a license granted by Spain’s central bank.

13%: Share of British workers who are using their own home technologies to work remotely during the pandemic.

10M: Number of COVID-19 cases at almost the halfway point of the year.