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Providing Relief To Retailers And Employees Amid The Coronavirus

Providing Relief To Retailers And Employees

Retailers are assisting their workers, while landlords are providing aid to their tenants, amid the coronavirus pandemic. Petco has rolled out an employee relief fund, while one Michigan real estate company is offering free rent to small and medium-sized retail and restaurant tenants for the next three months. In supply chain news, has balanced Chinese and other international partners to keep its furniture inventory in stock now as well as in the short-term future. All this, Today in Data.

Today in DataData: 

27K: Minimum number of Petco’s partners.

4K: Minimum number of partners with whom Overstock works.

1,035: Minimum number of COVID-19 cases in Detroit.

$300: Value of the one-time bonus for full-time hourly team members at Walgreens.

$2M: Initial investment from Petco for an employee relief fund.