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EU Wants More Protections For Gig Economy Workers

The European Commission is looking into providing more protections for gig economy workers and others who don’t have standard working contracts, reported Reuters.

Citing the Commission’s consultation document on its initiatives, Reuters reported the EU wants more social protections and rights for these so-called casual employees. This is part of the EU’s larger overhaul of its economic focus after getting pressure from those who accuse them of going after super-progressive policies that hurt workers. The document calls for a review of EU policies that limit the flexibility of workers and reduces concerns about the types of jobs created by companies like Uber, reported Reuters.

Brussels is reportedly proposing full social protection and other measures that provide security to every worker, even those who work on short-term, part-term or zero-hour contracts. Some EU states have lower protections for those workers, noted the report.

According to the report, the jobs that have flexible working hours, irregular pay and fewer job protections accounted for more than one third of the EU’s workforce two years ago – and that portion continues to grow. The paper is slated to be revealed officially on Monday (Sept. 25).

Proposals from the report could result in increased costs for the likes of Uber, which is already embattled in labor fights with several EU countries. Uber also saw London refuse to renew its license late last week. Some of the proposals include companies informing workers about the conditions of their jobs, and providing employees with explanations if they are not given a permanent contract after a number of years doing the same job. So-called casual workers could also get a guaranteed number of hours, noted the report. The new rules wouldn’t cover the self-employed, which may offer a loophole to the likes of Uber and Deliveroo.


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