Commentary by David S. Evans


David S. Evans, is an economist, business advisor and Founder of Market Platform Dynamics. He is a recognized global authority on the design and implementation of platform business strategies, a body of work that he pioneered and that was captured in Invisible Engines: How Software Platforms Drive Innovation and Transform Industries, a 2006 American Publishers Association best business book award winner. David has consulted with many of the leading companies in the world and has served as an advisor to their CEOs and Boards of Directors.

How Card Regulation is Killing Competition

You’ve Been Durbined!

Regulatory Interventions Involving Depository Accounts: Pressing on the Balloon

System Down: Dealing With Catastrophic Risks In Payments

Durbin And Consumer Fees: A Predictable Outcome

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Facebook Credits: Do Payments Firms Need to Worry?

What Facebook’s IPO Filing Reveals About its Payments Business

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Why Steve Jobs Will Go Down as “The Man”

Oh, Duh! Payments’ Most Obvious (Yet Overlooked) Best Practice

I Am Curious…Stock Market Impact on Payments Company Performance (with Scott Walster)

Party Like It’s 2008: What the U.S. Debt Crisis Means for Payments

ISIS: Dialed Back or No Dial Tone?

Loves Me, Loves Me Not: Open Platforms

Educating, Learning and Innovating: A New Year, A New Start

Santa Fed Puts a Smile on the Faces of Merchants

Small (Biz) is Beautiful and Plentiful (for Paying and Borrowing)

The Consumer, Once King, Is Missing in the EU Interchange Fee Debate

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