Visa And Natixis Payments Team On White Label Service


Visa and Natixis Payments have launched Xpollens, a complete white label “Payments in a Box” service for retailers, corporations and Fintechs. Xpollens helps organizations integrate the whole range of payment services, from cards to instant payments, according to a press release.

“Xpollens removes the complexity of issuing and managing payments methods, allowing Fintechs, retailers and corporates to concentrate on their core business, on providing the best customer experience, and to take full advantage of the huge business opportunities afforded by PSD2,” said Natixis Payments CEO Pierre-Antoine Vacheron.

Natixis Payments is the biggest Visa card issuer in continental Europe, and along with Visa, has a lot of experience in integrating the latest payment initiatives into services in the EU.

“The two companies have created specialist multidisciplinary ‘squads’, whose experts work closely with individual customers, whatever their size, in a focused co-creation approach,” the release said. “Using agile methods, these squads help integrate tailor-made payments solutions quickly.”

The announcement said the the new payments solution is initially being piloted with FinTechs: “Two partner companies were selected at the beginning of 2019 to test and develop the range of services provided by Natixis Payments and Visa: Spanish savings app Coinscrap, and French company Linxo, a financial assistant app that allows customers to view and plan across multiple accounts.”

Linxo wants to be able to offer customers expanded services that include checking accounts, instant payments and payment cards.

“Thanks to Xpollens, we can issue physical or virtual payment cards, while helping our customers keep track of multiple accounts with real-time notifications,” said Linxo CEO Bruno Van Haetsdaele. “This answers our customers’ demand for real-time information on their accounts, and frees us from restrictions imposed by their banks.”

Xpollens is committed to deploying a full payments solution to its customers in 100 days.

“The reality today is that the user experience must be seamless, easy, fast and personalised, and that includes payments,” said Visa Head of Strategic Partnerships in Europe, SVP Bill Gajda. “However, offering new payments services is complex. While PSD2 has opened up the market by allowing players to offer payments services previously reserved for traditional banks, this opportunity comes with a level of regulatory complexity, and compliance with rules imposed by different countries across the euro zone is a big challenge. Xpollens helps by providing the necessary payment licenses and by guaranteeing the smooth management of payment accounts.”


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