Visa Adds 100 Partners To Contactless Transit Program

Visa has announced that 100 partners are now enrolled in its global transit partner program.

Visa Ready for Transit gives transit agencies access to an expanded network of technology solutions and expertise. In the past year, Visa has helped to launch 60 new transit projects, with current live projects seeing positive adoption with a 40 percent year-over-year rise in contactless transit transactions.

“Transit riders around the world are embracing the speed, security and convenience of traveling with contactless payments and transit agencies have taken note. With nearly 180 projects currently underway, Visa is committed to delivering this improved experience and better journeys for riders everywhere,” Nick Mackie, global head of urban mobility, Visa, said in an emailed press release. “We are encouraged by the continued growth of Visa Ready for Transit as a key part of accelerating the delivery of contactless transit solutions by giving transit agencies access to Visa-certified solutions while helping partners maximize their investments.”

The program’s 100 partners around the world provide market-leading solutions and capabilities to support key aspects of next-generation fare systems, including ticketing and fare collection, and back-office management. In addition, transit agencies also gain access to leading consultancies that can offer support through access to technical documentation and expertise in designing and delivering solutions.

“The MTA is committed to delivering faster and more convenient trips for our riders. Tapping to ride with contactless cards and digital wallets not only makes it easier to get riders where they want to go, it also offers flexibility and choice to use their preferred payment method,” said Al Putre, OMNY Program Executive, MTA. “We have received exceedingly positive feedback from riders since launching OMNY, the MTA’s new contactless fare payment system, as evidenced by reaching nearly three million taps since launch on May 31. Working with partners with the technical expertise and leading capabilities to deliver this experience has been critical to the project’s continued success.”

“Participation in Visa’s transit partner program has enabled Vix to deliver the intuitive and frictionless transit payment experience that passengers demand while allowing transit agencies to provide fare innovation and charging control for their service. Being part of the Visa program has helped accelerate the adoption of contactless EMV payments across our agencies globally, bringing both operational benefits and cost savings, in addition to providing a wealth of valuable service data as agencies strive to enable service digitization,” added Adrian Kelly, chief product officer, Vix Technology