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Walmart+ Week Set for June 17-23, Promises Members-Only Offers

Walmart will hold its members-only event, Walmart+ Week, June 17 to 23.

The event will feature seven days of offers and savings available to Walmart+ members, the retailer said in a Thursday (May 30) press release.

“Additionally, we’re introducing our first-ever mystery offer, set to be revealed on June 20,” Venessa Yates, general manager and senior vice president of Walmart+, said in the release. “While I can’t divulge the details just yet, I promise it will be worth watching out for.”

The offers that have been announced include discounts on fuel; 20% back in Walmart Cash on flights, hotels, car rentals and other activities; complimentary Express Delivery; and three free months of Walmart+ InHome. There will also be exclusive access to items that will be revealed later.

“As you can see, we’re pulling out all the stops this year to transform Walmart+ Week into a unique experience,” Yates said in the release. 

The retailer has moved up the event on the calendar to be held before Amazon’s Prime Day, Seeking Alpha reported Thursday.

Amazon said May 1 that Prime Day will be held in July but that the exact dates for this year’s event have not yet been announced.

Last year, Prime Day and Walmart+ Week took place on overlapping days in mid-July.

PYMNTS Intelligence found that participation in Prime Day grew to a larger extent than Walmart+ Week, even though Walmart opened Walmart+ Week to the general public in 2023. While 40% of consumers made purchases on Amazon Prime Day, just 20% did so during Walmart+ Week.

Even so, Walmart+ Week shoppers spent almost twice as much money as Amazon Prime subscribers, largely owing to the grocery purchases they made. More than half bought groceries during the Walmart+ Week event — two times more than Amazon Prime shoppers who did the same.

PYMNTS also found that customers who participated in the two sales events in 2023 were primarily motivated by the bargains promised by both retailers.