PYMNTS Weekend Wrap-up

Welcome to the PYMNTS weekend wrap-up! We hope you’re having a great weekend. We’ve highlighted the most popular stories from the week so you won’t miss a beat. Enjoy!

Meet The Global Citizen

Global Citizens – those individuals with the means to support the pursuit of personal priorities – is a concept often discussed but rarely defined. The inaugural edition of the Global Citizen Index™ puts some structure around how much these individuals make and how they spend their money. We do that by introducing you to new data, and three Global Citizens who, we guarantee, will counter your conventional thinking about who they are and how much they earn – and what their financial priorities are. Read more.

Walmart Pay Stats Show It’s Sticky

Six months after launch, Walmart Pay is now in all stores and has some new stats to report on how consumers use it. And guess what? Payments is only a tiny part of its value to the 20 million+ who’ve got the app and can use it to shop. Read more.

PayPal Working Capital Ups The Ante

PayPal’s been making its SMB risk management list and checking it twice – and has found a lot of new insights behind the $2B and 90k SMBs that have been on the other side of its Working Capital program, including the role that mobile plays in getting access to those all-important cash advances. Darrell Esch, GM of PayPal’s SMB Lending group, shares the impact to PayPal’s business and its SMB lending thresholds. Read more.

Why Paris Has A Heart For FinTech

Though it may be known as the city of lights, love and romance, it can be said that Paris also has a blossoming romance with Fintech. The latest installment of our Weekly Tech Center Roundup gives a glimpse into the initiatives that Paris hopes will make innovators fall in love. Read more.