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Amazon’s Echo Look Gets A Companion App

Amazon pushed further into the selfie camera market, rolling out a companion app for iOS and Android devices that works with its new camera, the Echo Look.

According to a report, with the new app, Echo Look owners can see live previews from the camera, take pictures, survey outfits in their closets, tag favorites and compare styles. The app was developed to work alongside the Echo Look, which sells for $200 and can take full-length photos and short videos. The Echo Look is also an Alexa-enabled device that can play music, check the weather, read news and do other voice-activated commands.

The report noted the app also supports Amazon’s new Style Check service that works with machine learnings and advice from human fashionistas to help users figure out what to wear. Another tool included in the app is the ability to create a personal lookbook that users can access any time. According to the report, if users save their photos in the app instead of deleting them, it gives Amazon access to real data on what is actually in the closet of its users.

In late April, Amazon unveiled its new Alexa-powered device that has a built-in camera, which is meant to be an addition to the wardrobe picking-out process. Dubbed Echo Look, this new offering from Amazon responds to verbal commands by taking photos or videos of the current outfit people are wearing. This provides people a way to truly see what they look like in clothes. They can also take photos of two different outfits and post them to an online Amazon judging panel to select the best look.

While the new Echo Look will indeed help consumers with their outfit choices, there is a catch. The eCommerce website will be collecting data through this offering, using it for targeted ads. This is the latest in Amazon’s effort to capture the fashion industry’s attention and shoppers.



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