Is Amazon In Hot Water With Aviation Regulators?

Amazon has found itself in hot water with U.S. aviation regulators for reportedly shipping hazardous materials by plane.

The regulators are attempting to hit the eCommerce giant with a $350,000 fine after it allegedly improperly sent a package with chemicals that leaked, which then came in contact with nine UPS employees who had to be treated with a chemical wash after feeling a burning sensation.

This case stems back to a 2014 incident where Amazon reportedly shipped a gallon container of “Amazing! LIQUID FIRE,” which is used to clean drains. Amazon is accused of not properly packaging the container. It was also reportedly shipped without having a proper label about the hazardous nature of its contents.

The Federal Aviation Administration also accused Amazon of failing to provide emergency response information with the package and that the Amazon employees who had initially handled that package weren't trained on how to do so.

“Amazon has a history of violating the hazardous materials regulations,” the FAA said in the release. “From Feb. 2013 to Sept. 2015 alone, Amazon was found to have violated the hazardous materials regulations 24 other times.”

This action against Amazon from the FAA comes not long after Amazon took a major stake in Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, which gives Amazon rights to have specific flights operate for Amazon. In an effort to offset rising delivery costs, Amazon entered into a lease for as many as 20 Boeing 767 planes to facilitate air delivery within the United States.



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