US Bank Launches Alexa Skills For Customers

U.S. Bank is teaming up with Amazon, enabling customers to complete tasks by speaking to the eCommerce giant’s voice-activated digital assistant Alexa.

In a press release, U.S. Bank announced it is among the first banks in the U.S. to enable customers to complete banking tasks such as checking an account balance or making a digital payment to a U.S. Bank credit card by speaking a command to Alexa. The bank had piloted the Alexa skills technology this summer and is launching it to all its customers after a successful test.

“Voice technology is going to be central to the future of digital interaction,” said Gareth Gaston, head of omnichannel banking at U.S. Bank, in a press release. “We’ve all become [accustomed] to speaking to our devices for simple things like getting directions to a restaurant or placing a call. Now, voice services such as Amazon Alexa are making it easy to check an account balance or hear a payment due date without picking up a phone or logging into internet banking. It’s a great example of innovation coming home for U.S. Bank customers.”

Other tasks customers can complete include obtaining account transaction history as well as hearing payment due dates and amounts owed. U.S. Bank has been embracing advanced technologies to help make its customers’ lives easier. For instance, U.S. Bank enabled customers to send money to other individuals within minutes via the Zelle Network in June, and in July it launched a new loan portal that eases the process to apply for a mortgage.

“Bridging the gap between what’s on the horizon and when customers can use it for banking is exactly where U.S. Bank shines in innovation,” said Dominic Venturo, chief innovation officer at U.S. Bank, in the same press release. “We’ve been working with voice for many years, understanding its potential both in terms of biometrics and in voice directed commands. It’s that culture of innovation and collaboration, combined with a commitment to security and doing what’s right for our customers that allows us to earn their trust, and ultimately, their business.”



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