Amazon Warns Sellers About Congressional Antitrust Push

Amazon is reportedly warning third-party retailers on its site that potential antitrust rules in Congress could harm them, per reports from Wednesday (August 18).

Reportedly, Amazon has sent a letter warning of the alleged adverse effects to come.

In addition, the tech giant has been offering phone consultations about the legislation and its effects, though sources said it was unable to glean what would happen in said calls.

“We’re reaching out to a small group of our sellers to make them aware of a package of legislative proposals, currently in Congress, that is aimed at regulating Amazon and other large technology companies,” an email viewed by CNBC stated. “It is early in the process and the bills are subject to change, but we are concerned that they could potentially have significant negative effects on small and medium-sized businesses like yours that sell in our store.”

Amazon, upon being asked about this, told CNBC that it had sent an email. The company had been receiving inquiries from third-party sellers about the legislation.

The legislation was green-lighted by a House Judiciary Committee in June and consists of several measures to try and cut down on the power of Big Tech.

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Big Tech has seen a glut of controversy lately as leaders around the world grapple with questions about its power and influence. U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota have introduced a bill allowing app developers to use third-party payment services.

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