Apple TV — Now Bringing Consumers Pizza With Their Entertainment

Siting in front of the TV and eating is such a prominent American activity that if we were a more self-aware nation we would likely declare it our national pastime instead of baseball.

And while we may not quite know ourselves well enough to admit that we as a nation are ready to medal in "eating pizza while zoning out to reality TV," it seems the team in Cupertino does know us that well — and thus is making it possible to order a pizza from one's Apple TV.

If you can call Papa John’s pizza — which, depending on one's tastes and level of culinary snobbery, may or many not be a stretch. Nonetheless, Apple TV now has an app that makes it possible to order a pizza, browse previous orders and pay when you're done. As it turns out, the revolution will be televised — or streamed — and you can order a pizza to watch it with.

This is a first-of-its-kind app for pizza — and it is at least a little surprising that Papa John's beat Domino's to the punch, given that Domino's has made it possible to order a pizza on Twitter, Apple Watch, Amazon Echo and via text message with an emoji. There may soon be a day when one can speak the word "pizza" any place in the United States and various chains will race to see who can bring the customer the right pie the fastest.

The Papa John's app will automatically download for users of the 4th Generation Apple TV if users already have the app on either their phone or iPad.



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