BNPL App Provider Ranking Is Same Old Same Old — Until It’s Not

There comes a time when new concepts settle into a groove, and while thrilling, they’re not really “new” anymore.

We see this at work in the latest PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Buy Now, Pay Later apps, where a sort of calm has descended — on the rankings, at least — and certain brands are holding onto hard-won chart positions with grappling hooks.

Such is the power of the rankings.

The Top 5

Locked in a BNPL celebrity cage match at No. 1 for another month it’s Affirm and Klarna ruling the installment payments roost.

Hanging on at No. 2 yet again is Afterpay.

Further proving our opening thesis, Zip retains its No. 3 spot for another cycle.

Need more proof? We then refer you to the Paidy app, sticking at No. 4.

And just where we left it last month, we find Sezzle occupying the No. 5 spot. As we’re known to say, staying in the Top 5 is like a double win.

The Top 10

Solid at No. 6 for another cycle we find the Laybuy app.

Now, just to contradict our thesis about apps settling into grooves, a couple of changes, and then a bit of a surprise ending.

The Humm app moves up one chart position to take the No. 8 spot.

Giving up that position is the FuturePay app, dropping one spot to No. 9. Staying in the game is half the game, so well done there.

What’s the surprise ending? This edition of the Provider Ranking of Buy Now, Pay Later apps has only nine apps, not the usual 10 or more. Bet you didn’t see that coming.