Pitney Bowes Debuts Customer Service Chatbot

Pitney Bowes has announced the release of its first chatbot platform, EngageOne Converse.

The platform, which is part of the EngageOne suite of customer engagement solutions, aims to enhance the customer experience through its intelligent self-service technology that integrates data and location information into leading messaging software.

For example, a text-based conversation with the chatbot can be upgraded with Interactive Personalized Video from EngageOne Video, while conversational experiences can be enhanced by location data, demographic data and other Pitney Bowes data products.

“Six of the 10 most used applications today are messaging applications. Consumers have spoken, and they have a preferred communication channel,” said Bob Guidotti, EVP and president for software solutions, Pitney Bowes. “Today’s empowered consumer expects businesses to meet them where they are. Businesses must recognize this and integrate technology capabilities that allow them to have immediate, data-driven conversations with their customers. EngageOne Converse is making this possible.”

EngageOne Converse allows business professionals to make changes to the chatbot as needed, with authorized personnel able to go in to update the solution at any time.

Opus Trust Marketing’s acting CEO, Rob Alonso, said, “We’re using EngageOne Converse in two ways: firstly, for our own clients, so we can respond to them more effectively and dynamically. We can create engaging conversational experiences hosted on our website that direct our customers to the information they need, in real time, answering queries on topics like ePayslips, for example.

“Secondly, we’re extending our physical and digital product portfolio so our clients can offer EngageOne Converse to their own customers, helping them meet customer demand in an innovative and relevant way,” he continued. “Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and we love that marketing and customer experience staff can make ongoing changes to the conversation in a few minutes, not days or weeks, without relying on an IT team or a third-party vendor.”