Today in the Connected Economy: Google Unveils New Medical Appointment Tool

Today in the connected economy, Google’s annual Check Up event showcases a new tool designed to make scheduling doctors’ appointments easier.

Also, Lyft launches a partnership with scooter startup spin, while rival Uber announces a new collaboration with ride-hailing app Curb.

Google Health Event Showcases Appointment, AI Ultrasound Features

In an effort to demonstrate what connected care is capable of, Google Health held its annual Check Up online event Thursday (March 24), putting search squarely at the center of healthcare journeys.

Discussing a range of projects, Google Chief Health Officer Dr. Karen DeSalvo revealed the company has begun rolling out a new scheduling feature as part of its search engine designed to make booking easier by showing providers’ availability.

“It can be a lot of friction when you’re making a doctor’s appointment. In the U.S. the average wait time for a primary care appointment can be 20 days or more,” said Hema Budaraju, Google’s senior director of product, health and search social impact. “It shouldn’t be this hard to get access to care.”

Lyft Teams With Spin Scooters to Offer New US Transportation Mode

Lyft and Spin are collaborating to offer scooter transportation in 60 markets around the country. The startups said the project is launching in Nashville, followed by 13 other cities next month.

By working with Spin, Lyft is giving riders new, cost-effective and sustainable modes of transportation, the companies said. Users can rent and pay for Spin scooters through Lyft’s app without needing to download another app or add a new payment method.

“With our bikes and scooters now in 14 U.S. cities, Lyft has made strides to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation,” said Caroline Samponaro, Lyft vice president of transit and micromobility policy. “Working together with Spin allows us to expand access to micromobility and serve more people in more areas, all in the Lyft app.”

Uber Users Can Book Rides Through Curb Partnership

Ride-hailing app Curb, which connects users to licensed taxi and for-hire rides across North America, has partnered with Uber to allow Curb-connected drivers to get trip requests from Uber users.

The collaboration, set to begin in New York City before expanding across Curb’s nationwide network, will allow “wider transportation options for riders and more trips for drivers as the taxi booking option becomes available in the Uber app,” the companies said in a news release.

The integration will let taxi drivers access incremental trip offers from Uber as well as millions of annual ride requests through the Curb app, while Uber users will gain more ride options.

Mollie Partners with Mazda on Simplified Payments

Dutch payments firm Mollie has inked a multi-year agreement with Mazda Motor Europe to deliver frictionless payments for its new marketplace platform.

The companies said Mollie’s Connect for Platforms portal helps Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), marketplace and other platform businesses to carry out payments between buyers and sellers. Mazda is using Connect for Platforms to launch a marketplace, scale new products and make sure that payments are sent to the right dealer.

Sightline Taps J.P. Morgan Payments as Play+ Processor

Sightline Payments has chosen J.P. Morgan Payments as the chief merchant acquirer and payments processor for Sightline’s Play+ ecosystem.

Play+ lets consumers take part in sports betting, lottery, racing and online and brick-and-mortar casino purchases in 40-plus states. Sightline will collaborate with J.P. Morgan Payments on new payments products and services for casino operators and customers.

“We’re at a critical point in the gaming industry’s payments ecosystem,” said Omer Sattar, Sightline co-CEO, in the joint press release. “J.P. Morgan Payments will help us solve some of the biggest payments challenges our industry faces and provide real solutions to the millions of consumers who enjoy the modern, omnichannel gaming experience.”

Alviere Partners With Coinbase to Bring Crypto Services to Customers

Embedded finance company Alviere is adding cryptocurrency services to its HIVE platform through a partnership with Coinbase Prime.

“Alviere’s partnership with Coinbase will immediately make crypto available to customers and bring significant value, ease and comfort to companies that want to offer crypto services to their customers but don’t have the expertise or experience to navigate the depth and breadth of the crypto world,” Alviere Co-Founder and CEO Yuval Brisker said in a news release.

The collaboration will integrate the Coinbase Prime platform and crypto infrastructure with Alviere’s HIVE platform, beginning with custody and execution of digital assets.

Currencycloud Debuts Tool for off-Hour FX

Currencycloud, a cross-border payment platform owned by Visa, has rolled out a tool called Weekend FX, designed to give clients the ability to offer competitive foreign exchange (FX) rates after markets close on Friday evenings, according to a Thursday (March 24) press release.

“With an increasingly global business culture, companies and retailers often work outside of traditional operating hours and days of the week,” the company said in the release. “But arranging cross-border payments after the markets have closed on a Friday exposes businesses to increased costs and associated risks while they wait for trading desks and banks to open again on Monday morning.”

According to Currencycloud, Weekend FX was tested in pilot programs with clients that include Swinto, ANNA Money and Tuvoli and is now available to the majority of the firm’s clients.