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Bumble Debuts AI-Powered Conversation Starters and Plans for Friends

In a digital age where making meaningful connections can be challenging, Bumble For Friends is making it easier for people to connect and make friends online.

With the introduction of two updates on Monday (Dec. 4) — AI-powered conversation starters and Plans — Bumble For Friends enhances the user experience and fosters deeper connections, according to the company.

One highly-requested feature, Plans, allows Bumble For Friends members to meet in real life with groups of up to 15 people, the company said. Whether organizing a book club or finding concert buddies, Plans simplifies arranging and participating in group activities. This feature is beneficial for individuals new to an area or starting afresh, as it helps them connect with like-minded individuals and overcome the challenge of finding people to do things with. Bumble founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd, the founder and CEO of Bumble, emphasized that Plans is not just about meeting people but forming deeper connections and creating opportunities for lasting friendships and meaningful experiences.

In addition to Plans, Bumble For Friends has introduced AI-powered conversation starters to make it easier for users to initiate conversations with new friends, the company said. This feature utilizes artificial intelligence to generate personalized icebreaker questions based on the recipient’s profile. When connecting with someone new, users are presented with an in-chat prompt asking if they would like help with their first message. By tapping ‘get started,’ the AI generates a personalized icebreaker question. Users have full control over the suggested question and can choose to use it as is, modify it, request another question, or write their own. Each chat is limited to one AI-generated icebreaker, which disappears once used.

In the realm of dating apps, Bumble is also making strides to cater to the needs and preferences of Generation Z consumers. During a call on Nov. 7 with analysts discussing Bumble’s third-quarter financial results, Wolfe Herd highlighted the company’s two new subscription tiers, Premium Plus and a base tier, which specifically target “high-intent, serious dating customers and Gen Z users.”

The Premium Plus plan offers expanded benefits, including offline experiences. At the same time, the base tier focuses on enabling younger members to express their personalities on a deeper level and find connections in fun and social ways. Bumble recognizes that even within Generation Z, there are noticeable differences in behaviors and preferences. The base tier subscription is designed to provide a more personalized experience that aligns with the unique preferences of Gen Z.

Bumble is also targeting its subscription offerings to young consumers by introducing shorter-term plans. Herd mentioned the launch of weekly subscriptions, which reflects an industry-wide shift in the dating app market. Gen Z consumers tend to seek lower-commitment options, as revealed by a study conducted by PYMNTS Intelligence in collaboration with The study found that a plurality of Gen Z subscribers are “short-timers,” subscribing for an average of 14 months.