Coronavirus Refunds: Allstate To Lengthen Shelter-in-Place Payback Program

Allstate To Lengthen Shelter-in-Place Paybacks

As the pandemic continues to disrupt everyday life the world over, auto insurance companies are crediting their customers’ accounts for a portion of their monthly premiums.

Allstate is lengthening its Shelter-in-Place Payback up to the end of June for personal vehicle insurance clients as they don’t drive as much and become involved in fewer collisions amid the current health crisis, according to an announcement. Allstate, Encompass and Esurance personal vehicle insurance clients will get the Payback in June. 

Clients will get a credit to their accounts automatically, and many will get 15 percent of their monthly premiums. The company said the figure reflects a careful analysis of available information, with the inclusion of driving data from its mobility data and analytics company called Arity.

Tom Wilson, chair, president and CEO, said in the announcement, “Allstate is continuing to support customers during the pandemic by extending our Shelter-in-Place Payback.”

Wilson continued, “While more people are back on the roads, the numbers of less severe accidents are below historical levels so the payback will continue through June, representing approximately $1 billion back to customers over three months.”