Provider Rankings of Crypto Wallets Feels Like Something Weird Going On

Mind telling us what’s going on with the Provider Rankings of Crypto Wallets? It’s like a crowded elevator in here. Something’s afoot. Stay tuned.

The Top 5

Where to start? How about the logical place: at No. 1 where there is now a three-way tie between BinanceCoinbase, now joined by the Trust wallet, climbing two spots.

Enjoy tied scores, do you? What fun. We’ve got loads.

At No. 2 it’s Blockchain Wallet (up two spots) facing off against (no change).

This is fun. There’s a three-way tie at No. 3. If you say that three times in a row does crypto magically appear? Or maybe Slenderman? Doubtful. Anyway, say hi to No. 3 times three with BitPay (up an impressive five chart positions), Gemini (appropriately rising two spots), and SafePal (rising four chart positions).

Bitcoin Wallet lands the No. 4 slot on a stunning rise of six chart positions.

No. 5 goes to Strike, up one spot and into the hyper-competitive Top 5.

The Top 10

Tired of ties yet? No? That’s good because neck-and-neck at No. 6 we’ve got Abra (which didn’t chart last month) and ZenGo (didn’t chart last month either).

Wirex snags the No. 7 chart position, rising two spots.

New to the Top 10 is BlueWallet zooming into No. 8. It didn’t chart last month.

No. 9 goes to Mycelium (which didn’t chart last month).

Taking out of the Top 10 at No. 10 it’s the Edge crypto wallet. It also didn’t chart last month.