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PYMNTS Daily Data Dive: Boku Expands Billing For Switzerland Spotify

Independent carrier billing company Boku announced Wednesday it expanded billing for Spotify music users in Switzerland. Six and a half million Swisscom subscribers can now access carrier billing as payment for Spotify Premium.

Spotify has 30 million paying subscribers worldwide and reported sales of $2.2 billion but paid $1.8 billion out in contracts to the music industry. Half of that total went to Universal, Sony and Warner.

Here are the numbers:

6.5 million | Number of Swisscom subscribers who now can access carrier billing to pay for Spotify Premium

30 million | Total number of paying Spotify Premium customers worldwide

$2.2 billion | Spotify’s reported sales

$1.8 billion | Amount Spotify paid the music industry in contracts in 2015

½ | Amount of Spotify’s sales taken home by Universal, Sony and Warner

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