PCI Pal Launches Secure Digital Payments Platform

Secure payments provider PCI Pal launched a new digital service on Tuesday (Jan. 28) that will let organizations offer ultra-secure payments across a multitude of channels, from social media to email and everything in between. The service, PCI Pal Digital, will be available for contact centers and businesses across the globe, offering security for payments on any digital channel, including webchat, SMS and more, a press release stated.

The service will supplement PCI Pal’s existing Agent Assist and IVR services, said CEO James Barham, and will capitalize on the market’s lurch toward digital engagement over anything else. Barham added that the service would be available through the company’s true-cloud program, and that it had been developed in-house.

Using the service, customers will be able to pay securely through any channel. Once a payment has been requested, PCI Pal generates a URL that customers can click to safely enter their payment details. A contact center agent will be able to track every step of the payment in real time. This will allow a seamless process, and an uninterrupted payments journey.

Barham said it would be increasingly necessary in the coming years for businesses to pay attention to the more stringent privacy laws, like California’s Consumer Privacy Act, and that PCI Pal was trying to do exactly that to keep customers both safe and happy. Under the Consumer Privacy Act, companies must tell consumers about any data collected from them. This month, it was reported that businesses will be spending about $55 billion in the state to make sure they are compliant. However, the law still has kinks that need to be worked out, and analysts have said there are no sure-fire ways to cover all bases as of yet.

As digital identity scams are still far from eradicated, secure payments will remain an important facet of online purchasing in 2020.