Fraud Attack

What Are Fraudsters Up To Now?

What Are Fraudsters Up To Now?
Wednesday, July 20 at 1:00 PM (EST)

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About The Live Discussion: 

With more than 700 million records breached in 2015, fraudsters continue to find new ways to gain access to companies’ and people’s financial and personal information.

Simply put: Criminals want money that merchants have at their disposal and it’s become surprisingly easy for them to.

Today, fraudsters make use of tools, data and opportunity when making an attack.

Fraudsters, using email verification and proxy detection services, for example, have successfully found a way to:

  • Compromise more than 630 million credit cards;
  • Leak 1.2 billion record onto the black market; and
  • Compromise roughly two-thirds of all credit cards

With three out of four tablet owners making weekly purchases using their devices, fraudster have ample opportunities to try and steal people’s money.

On Wednesday, July 20 at 1:00 PM (EST), MPD CEO Karen Webster will be joined by Don Bush, VP of Marketing at Kount, for a live digital discussion where they will examine how a fraudster uses tools, data and opportunity in an attack.

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Digital Discussion Presenter:

Don Bush
VP of Marketing at Kount

Don joined Kount as the Director of Marketing in October 2010 and became Vice President of Marketing in December 2012. Don attended Brigham Young University studying Business Administration and Marketing. Prior to joining Kount, Don was the Director of Marketing at CradlePoint, a leading manufacturer of wireless routing solutions in the mobile broadband industry. Don has worked in several management roles within the technology segment for over 20 years with both hardware/software manufacturers and as a partner in two top technology marketing agencies. He has led products launches and marketing programs for dozens of companies around the world such as Citi, HP, IBM, Kodak, Motorola and Weyerhaeuser and co-authored the seminar series, “Common Launch Disasters and How to Avoid Them.”

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Digital Discussion Host:

Karen Webster
CEO of Market Platform Dynamics

Karen Webster is one of the world’s leading experts on payments, commerce and retail innovation and a strategic advisor to CEOs and Boards of multinational players in those sectors. As CEO of Market Platform Dynamics, she works extensively with the most innovative players in the payments, financial services, mobile, retail, B2B, digital media and technology sectors to help them maximize the value of their platform assets, design disruptive new business models and ignite and monetize new innovation. Karen also serves as a member of the advisory board for several emerging companies.




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