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UK Police Warn Of New ATM Fraud Threat

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U.K. police have warned the public about a new fraud threat at the local ATM: tiny cameras drilled into London ATMs.

According to The Telegraph, the cameras are so well-hidden that it would be extremely difficult for bank customers to locate them. The tiny pinhole cameras are hidden by a false casing on the machine and can film people putting in their PIN numbers.

So far, there have been four reports of these cameras at cashpoints (ATMs) in London, and authorities are warning that there could be more. Two cameras were found in St. Paul’s Churchyard, while one was discovered at Smithfield Street and a fourth was located at a cashpoint in Fetter Lane.

“The vast majority of cashpoints in London are perfectly safe — but criminals have been known to tamper with them,” said PC Matt Clarke from the City of London Police Crime Squad. “We work closely with banks, building societies and other cash machine vendors to make sure this type of crime doesn’t happen.”

Police are urging the public to stay vigilant when using cash machines throughout the city. If something seems “off,” use a machine inside the branch. And if you spot anything unusual, notify the police.



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