Google Debuts Virtual Phone Agent For SMBs

Google has announced the launch of CallJoy, a cloud-based phone agent that allows small business owners to measure, improve and automate customer service.

“With CallJoy, small businesses have access to the same customer service options that have historically only been available to larger corporations. If you’re associated with a small business using CallJoy, here’s how it works: After a quick setup, you’ll receive a local phone number. CallJoy will immediately begin blocking unwanted spam calls so you receive the calls that matter — the ones from customers. Then, when the phone rings, the automated CallJoy agent answers, greets callers with a custom message and provides basic business information (like hours of operation),” wrote Bob Summers, general manager of CallJoy at Google, in a blog post.

For a customer who wants to complete a task that can be done online, CallJoy’s virtual agent will send an SMS text message containing a URL. And when a customer speaks with an employee or interacts directly with the CallJoy agent, the call is recorded and transcribed, which enables small business owners to tag and search for a conversation based on topic. CallJoy will even compile data in an online dashboard and email business owners a daily update that includes valuable information such as call volume and new versus returning callers.

Summers used one of the top Chinese fusion takeout eateries in Austin, Texas as an example of CallJoy’s success. “Before joining CallJoy’s beta program, the restaurant staff didn’t have the bandwidth to answer incoming calls while juggling food preparation and in-restaurant diner needs. Since adding CallJoy’s textback feature, the restaurant has decreased hold times and increased productivity by automatically texting callers a URL to place their orders online,” he explained.

Small business owners can now sign up for early access to CallJoy, which is available for a flat monthly fee of $39.