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The Growth of A Giant B2B Platform

Once just an idea in an apartment at the high of the tech bubble and now the largest B2B trading platform in the world, Alibaba now could be the most humungous IPO in history. How did this transformation develop? We’ve made a handy infographic to show you just how vast and powerful its ecosystem really is.

Alibaba is a vast and interdependent ecosystem that enables B2B trade. The company has made massive investments in commerce, in enabling commerce (e.g. logistics), in payments to facilitate commerce, to financial services to extend investment and financial management services to businesses, to communications and media companies that deliver content and enable the sharing of activities and commerce. Alibaba has made investments in B2B commerce, for both online and offline transactions. has grown to be the world’s largest online B2B trading platform for small businesses. The site, operating in English, handles transactions between importers and exporters for customers from over 240 countries., enables domestic B2B trade for the Alibaba Group. At the end of 2013, the site was processing 300m Yuan ($49.1m) in transactions every day, a ten-fold increase since March 2013.

Alibaba Ecosystem Infographic - PYMNTS

The group continues to serve commerce ambitions within China and cross borders, most recently Alibaba announced that they will offer subsidies to small and medium sized domestic exporters that transact on the OneTouch Alibaba platform. 


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