Adobe To Embed AI Into Email Marketing Tools

Adobe, which Tuesday (Aug. 29) rolled out a slew of new features for its Adobe Campaign email marketing tools, is gearing up to embed some artificial intelligence (AI) in the future.

According to a news report in TechCrunch, for around a year, the company has been working to bring AI features to all of the products it offers via its Sensei AI platform. TechCrunch noted Adobe Campaigns relies on machine intelligence to let customers find the ideal subject lines for emails, but soon it will also be able to suggest the best image to show the person opening up the email.

TechCrunch reported that as an image is displayed, Adobe algorithms will determine if the image will result in the customer reacting. Take a manufacturer of furniture: Customers may react better to a loveseat while others may react positively to an image of a sectional.

That’s not the only way Adobe is relying on AI for future email marketing campaign tools. It is also showing off a new tool that will be used to predict customer churn solely on how users engage with email. Adobe has a ton of data on users, through Campaigns and Adobe Analytics, which makes the company able to create good profiles of business users, reported TechCrunch.

In addition to AI, Adobe released a new consumer survey on email and found that respondents in the U.S. said they open 82 percent of work emails and 60 percent of personal emails. What’s more, 61 percent named email as the preferred method of communications, reported TechCrunch.

Consumers aren’t the only ones still using email; so are the scammers. Last week, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) warned about a increase in the number of email phishing scams aimed at gathering information from employees’ W2 forms. According to a press release by the U.S. government agency, the IRS said 200 businesses, public schools, universities, Native American governments and nonprofits fell victim to a phishing scam during the 2017 tax season.