Personal Loan App Provider Ranking Gains a New Member and Sees the Leader Achieve a Perfect Score 

SoFi App

Whatever your plans for a loan, you want to make sure the lender is one that’s right for you and their app is one that can get the job done. 

The PYMNTS Provider Rankings of Personal Loan Apps is here to help. In this monthly ranking, the apps earn their scores based on channel coverage, up-to-date downloads, monthly average users and sessions for user plus average session length. 

This time, we have a leader that earned a perfect score, a little bit of shuffling of positions, and a new member that expands the group to eight. 

The Top Five 

Still sitting in the top spot, which it attained last month, is SoFi. In this month’s competition, it has achieved a score of 100. 

Right behind and ranked No. 2, as it was last time, is MoneyLion. 

Our next two contenders have swapped positions since last time. Now resting in the third ranking is Avant, having climbed up from fourth. 

Edging down one step since last time and now sitting at No. 4 is Upgrade. 

Rounding out the top five, as it did last month, is LendingTree. 

The Top 10 

There’s a familiar face in the No. 6 spot too, with PaySense holding firm to its position. 

In this particular ranking, there are only eight positions, so let’s meet the rest of the group.  

Next up, we have a contender that’s not only new to the No. 7 location but new to the list: LendingClub. Please join us in welcoming this peer-to-peer lending company and its app to the rankings. 

Rounding out this elite group while dipping down to the No. 8 spot is FlexWage. 

So, there’s only eight positions, but still some exciting events in this edition of the monthly Provider Rankings of Personal Loan Apps. Tune in next time to see what happens in this contest among lenders.