Former Visa CEO Carl Pascarella Talks the Future of Credit

Carl Pascarella, Fireside Chat, PYMNTS TV

When it comes to financial technology and payments modernization, there’s nothing like a seasoned veteran of the business for some perspective. Carl Pascarella, former CEO of Visa USA from 1993 to 2005, believes that the credit industry requires an upgrade. After following his time in corporate finance with a stint in private equity, he is now an investor and board member at credit platform LoanPro. In his current role, Pascarella sees an opportunity to address the fundamental issues that have hindered innovation in the credit space for decades.

Pascarella’s vision centers around combining credit and debit transactions on a single rail, which he views as a breakthrough opportunity to improve how consumers and businesses manage their finances. “It’s about looking at the two sides of the balance sheet — assets and liabilities — and finding a way to bring them together seamlessly,” Pascarella told PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster in a recent interview.

Traditionally, credit and debit have operated on separate tracks, leading to inefficiencies, higher costs, and a lack of flexibility for both financial institutions and consumers, who must navigate multiple platforms and systems to manage their finances effectively. LoanPro aims to create a more streamlined, adaptable and user-friendly payment ecosystem by combining credit and debit transactions on a single platform.

Pascarella’s interest in LoanPro is driven by his deep understanding of the evolving financial landscape and the growing role of FinTechs in driving innovation. He recognizes the current environment’s potential for disruption, with changing consumer preferences, technological advances and increasing regulatory scrutiny contributing to the need for new solutions. It’s all part of the wealth of experience and strategic insights he brings to LoanPro, helping to guide the company’s vision and direction.

The Visa Connection

To enhance its capabilities and reach, LoanPro has announced a strategic partnership with Visa, leveraging its integration with Visa DPS, one of Visa’s largest debit transaction issuer processors. This collaboration aims to introduce new credit card programs that offer personalized credit options to consumers, combining the strengths of both companies to deliver a more flexible and customizable approach to credit card lending. By joining forces with Visa, LoanPro can tap into a vast network of resources and expertise, while still maintaining its agility and innovative edge.


Commented on the partnership, Pascarella said, “A company that’s the size of Visa, at $500 plus billion dollars — sometimes it’s like moving the Queen Mary. But at the end of the day, when they see targets of opportunity, they still have all the attributes of a startup.”

The partnership also enables LoanPro to provide a comprehensive lending infrastructure that extends beyond origination and includes built-in compliance features, allowing financial institutions to offer more personalized credit options to their customers. The integration of these two platforms represents a significant step toward providing a more seamless and efficient experience for both lenders and borrowers.

LoanPro’s approach focuses on transaction-level credit underwriting, which allows card programs to dynamically adjust interest rates, credit limits and grace periods based on the specific details of each transaction, such as the amount, merchant type and location. This level of flexibility and customization empowers financial institutions to create credit offerings tailored to the unique needs of individual consumers and businesses. By leveraging advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms, LoanPro can provide a more accurate and responsive credit assessment process, ultimately leading to better outcomes for all parties involved.

Empowering Consumers

Pascarella believes transaction-level credit underwriting is a game-changer for the industry, providing consumers and businesses with the flexibility they need to manage their finances effectively. “It’s about giving consumers and businesses the flexibility they need to manage their finances effectively,” he said. “By enabling a single way to pay that combines the best of credit and debit, LoanPro is creating a more seamless, intuitive and empowering payment experience.”

The potential benefits of this approach are significant, as it allows for a more personalized and adaptable credit experience that can evolve alongside the changing needs and preferences of consumers.

Looking ahead, Pascarella is optimistic about LoanPro’s potential to drive meaningful change in the credit industry. He believes that by bringing credit and debit together on a single platform and providing a more flexible, data-driven approach to credit underwriting, LoanPro can help financial institutions and businesses adapt to the evolving needs of consumers in the digital age.

“The future of credit is about putting the consumer first,” Pascarella said. “By leveraging the power of technology and data, we can create a more transparent, accessible and responsible credit ecosystem that benefits everyone.”

However, Pascarella also knows that the success of LoanPro’s approach will depend on various factors, such as the adoption of its platform by financial institutions, the effectiveness of its transaction-level credit underwriting model, and its ability to navigate regulatory requirements. As LoanPro continues to innovate and expand its capabilities, Pascarella’s vision and leadership will likely play a crucial role in shaping the company’s trajectory.