Mastercard Advisors Gets New President 

Payment processor Mastercard announced Wednesday (Feb. 21) that it had named Dimitrios Dosis as the new president of Mastercard Advisors, the professional services unit of the company.

According to a company press release, Mastercard Advisors integrates payment expertise and consultative problem-solving skills with data driving both the insights and platform. As president of Mastercard Advisors, Doris will be in charge of the company’s overall professional services business and will ensure Mastercard Advisors provides clients with high-quality, high-impact services. He previously led Mastercard Advisors for Europe as well as the Asia Pacific, Middle Eastern and African regions.

“Our customers are facing shifting challenges that demand an agile, data-driven approach,” said Kevin Stanton, chief services officer at Mastercard. “Dimitrios will define an enterprise-wide, platform-led consulting strategy that will enable us to deliver the partnership, innovation and actionable insights that help our clients grow.”

Today, Mastercard’s global customers are working with Mastercard Advisors to develop digital payment strategies, optimizing card portfolios and managing enterprise-wide data programs. As a result, it has become a critical partner for companies and governments as they respond to a movement toward digital payments.

Dosis’ appointment comes as the payment company has been making news since the start of this year. It announced in January it has partnered with location platform provider HERE Technologies to create a payment experience for people on-the-move.

In a joint press release, the companies noted they will work together to meld digital payments and mapping technologies and enable the ability to make payments while in motion via a connected car’s dashboard. In addition to advancing connected vehicle payments, the collaboration will explore additional uses cases for mobility-as-a-service (MaaS), demand management and location-based services. Solutions for these use cases will rely on data analytics from both companies.