Top Shopping Apps Ranked

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The digital shift of 2020 is embodied by the surge in online shopping, particularly of the mobile app variety. PYMNTS’ inaugural Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps takes in a diverse field of competitors, each vying to outdo the other with dazzling mobile experiences for shoppers.

The Top 5

When you’re Walmart, you’re No. 1 — at least in PYMNTS’ first-ever Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps. The Bentonville Behemoth has been busy during the pandemic with everything from COVID testing to putting up parking lot drive-ins, but its app is the real action. Playing second fiddle to no one is Amazon at No. 2, with its massive grocery expansion well underway and its reputation as an eCommerce supplies hero of the pandemic playing well.

An eye-opener in the inaugural Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps Top 5  is Wish, charting at No. 3. The Wish personalization algorithm is beloved by users. So beloved, in fact, that it bested mighty AliExpress, which came in at No. 4 on the inaugural Ranking, followed by eBay at No. 5 in this round.

The Top 10

Coming in at No. 6 is Target, another hero retailer of the pandemic, followed in numerical order by Mercari, SHEIN, Nike and, rounding out the Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps Top 10, is reCommerce app OfferUp, making the list at No. 10.