More Aggregator Apps Tied In Latest Provider Ranking

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Like the companies we cover in the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Aggregators, the ranking itself is doing something new for the post-pandemic era. We’re packing more value into each edition.

How do we do it? Volume. Well, not exactly.

With so many apps generating heat these days they’re generating a lot more tied scores than we’ve ever seen before. There’s a story behind it, and PYMNTS journalists are on it to be sure. While they do, we’re packing more than 10 apps into some Provider Rankings due to ties.

As our journalists seek stories of the new app economy, let’s away to this new ranking.

The Top 5

Aggregating orders at the No. 1 level once again is DoorDash, about to launch its own credit card. At No. 2 is Uber Eats, as last time.

Ditto for Deliveroo, still at No. 3.

There’s a switch-up at No. 4 as Grubhub rises one spot, pushing the popular Instacart app to No. 5, at least for the moment. Instacart is also introducing its own credit card in 2021.

The Top 10

Aggregation is not for the faint of heart, and neither is the Provider Ranking of Aggregators.

Brace yourselves for a tie at No. 6 as the Just Eat app and Zomato apps pace one another at that chart position right now. Meanwhile, the Glovo on-demand courier stands at No. 7. Same can be said for the Postmates app, still seated comfortably at No. 8.

Out next tie is at No. 9 and it’s between the Menulog and Talabat apps.

Coming to rest at No. 10 yet again is Canada’s SkipTheDishes app, completing the latest Provider Ranking of Aggregators by giving you more than the 10 app expected.

We call that adding value.