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NEW DATA: How Mobile Order-Ahead Changes Customer Expectations

Eating is an inherently personal experience. And that’s a philosophy QSRs are working to preserve with new powerful mobile orderings solutions that offer customers personalized services and products more than ever before.

In the February edition of the Mobile Order-Ahead Tracker™, PYMNTS examines headlines on how companies from around the space are employing mobile ordering technology to do more than just take orders in advance.

Around the Mobile Order-Ahead world

Some of the biggest names in QSRs are embracing mobile solutions as a way to provide more customized and personalized offerings.

That includes coffee colossus Dunkin’ Donuts. The company recently opened the doors of its first redesigned, rebranded Dunkin’ store, aimed at increasing efficiency and customization for mobile-order ahead users.

But the next stage of personalized evolution might as well be automation.

QSR Automations, Inc. is one such player that is betting on that. Its front-office software system, DineTime, uses automation and real-time data to keep restaurant staff and customers informed on minute-by-minute updates of their order status from kitchen to delivery. The move is designed to help restaurants work with services like GrubHub, which offer customized delivery windows and estimated arrival times for deliveries.

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 Robeks embraces mobile, customized ordering

The list of companies going mobile in search of more personalization includes Robeks Fresh Juices and Smoothies. Earlier this month, the QSR chain, which serves smoothies, juices and bowls, rolled out their first mobile ordering solution.

And, while the company’s mobile ordering capabilities were designed in part to offer faster service and keep up with the growing mobile ordering trend, it was also aimed at customization. Matthew Furman, the company’s VP of marketing, told PYMNTS in a recent interview for this month’s Mobile Order-Ahead Feature Story that while the ability to place a mobile or online order at Robeks has only been available to the public for two weeks, the company is not only seeing a surge in volume of custom orders but is also seeing increase in order size. 

“Already, we’ve found that customization is so crucial when it comes to our customers,” Furman said. “For whatever reason, this online ordering app and environment has really brought it out in [them]. They seem to be more willing to customize their orders than they would be in the store.”

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