Mobile Order-Ahead App Provider Ranking Delivers the Goods

Hungry for some information? You’ve come to the right place. The Provider Ranking Mobile Order-Ahead Apps is like the ultimate food court — of apps.

This one gets zany, so drop the chalupa and follow along. There are so many ties it’s like being in your dad’s closet.

The Top 5

At No. 1, No. 1, and No. 1, respectively, we find Domino’sStarbucks, and Taco Bell, all up one chart position.

Tied for No. 2 this month it’s Dunkin’ down a spot and Panera up one.

No sharing for Wingstop, all alone at No. 3.

Can’t choose between burgers and pizza? Neither can we. At No. 4 you find proof, as Burger King and Pizza Hut huddle there.

Closing out the Top 5 in tasty fashion, we’ve got Chick-fil-a.

The Top 10

What are three sixes in poker? No idea, but in this ranking, it’s Chipotle and McDonald’s holding onto that chart position, now joined by Papa John’s rising a spot.

Sonic flies out of the blue to grab No. 7. It didn’t chart last month, so well done, you.

Sticking at No. 8 it’s the Sheetz app.

Similarly, Subway is happy where it was at No. 9. For now.

Taking us out it’s Shake Shack, dropping one chart position but staying in the game.