NFC & Contactless

Will Google Wallet Ignite mPayments? PYMNTS Readers Weigh In
Google’s announcement of its NFC-mobile payments scheme last month sparked intense interest from payments pundits. But will the Google Wallet do the same for merchants and consumers?

Why Should NFC Be Harder to Ignite than GPS – Capgemini’s NFC World Congress Critique
Fantastic weather and panoramic views provided the setting for the “NFC World Congress – Business and Strategies for the NFC Market and Ecosystem” in the French Riviera.

Is 2012 The Year Mobile Payments Take Off?
Mobile. Everywhere. Opportunity. Everywhere. This was the theme of the GigaOm Mobilize 2011 conference held one week ago in San Francisco.

Report: The Number of Contactless Cards Is Set To Reach 396 Million by the End Of 2011
All over the world governments, financial institutions, and merchants are taking measures to reduce the use of cash. Digital money is set to become the norm for low value transactions.

Why Aren’t Phones Waving Like Crazy to Pay in Europe? EPC Leader Shares Insight
Dag-Inge Flatraaker, EPC’s M-Channel Working Group Chair, spoke with Market Platform Dynamics founder David Evans i about the reaction thus far to the new contactless SEPA payment guidelines.

USA Technologies: Conquering the Last All-Cash Business Opportunity
in pioneering technologies and services for one of the last all-cash business opportunities – in vending machines, kiosks and unattended point-of-sale terminals. sat down with George Jenson, CEO of USA Technologies to learn more.