Report: 56% Of Moms Share Coupons And Incentives

By Pete Rizzo (@pete_rizzo_

Brands that have invested heavily in social media may find the latest statistics a bit discouraging: As marketing software provider Marketo puts it bluntly, "only about 1 percent of fans ever return to your actual Facebook page after they've liked it."  

The good news is that a newly released study from eMarketer suggests that facts like these don't paint an accurate picture of how consumers engage with brands online. Using moms of all ages as a sample group, eMarketer leveraged past reporting to illustrate that even though 65 percent of moms don't follow brands on social media, more than 56 percent share coupons and incentives through the channel.

"Mothers are on the web scouring for deals and discounts, and they want to share what they find with others," eMarketer wrote on September 17. "They might not be overwhelmingly inclined to passively endorse a brand or store on social media, but with the right incentive, they're much more likely to spread the word around."

Still, it helps for brands to know which channels and demographics are worth the investment. In this Data Point, we'll break down the findings to show how moms are engaging with brands and deals online.

Millennial Moms Most Likely To Share

In its report, eMarketer cited past research from Burst Media to show where U.S. moms are sharing brand content. Across all age groups, U.S. moms were more likely to post about brands via social media, though other channels were also found to attract a notable share of moms.

The chart above illustrates the average number of respondents across three major age groups - moms between 18 and 34 years old, 35 and 54 years old and 55 years old and over - who reported that they posted about a brand's product or service in the Burst Media report.

By demographic, Millennial moms were the most likely to share deals.

Coupon Sharing Has Devoted Fans

The new eMarketer release went on to discuss data from Burst Media that found 56.1 percent of moms share coupons. Of this majority, 13.6 percent reported sharing brand coupons very frequently, while an additional 13 percent admitted to performing the practice with some frequency.

While encouraging, the report also revealed that a sizable minority of moms still don't engage with brands through digital coupons. Nearly 38 percent of moms have never shared a coupon or deal online.

For a different take on how male shoppers are using coupons, check out "Forget The Past: Millennials And Males Are The Future Of Coupons."  



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