Airbnb’s Newly Updated App Supports Apple Pay

Airbnb announced this week that their current app has been updated. Within the new updates, Airbnb noted that the app would allow users to book and finalize accommodations in a seamless fashion by utilizing the newest mobile payment solution on the market, Apple Pay.

Airbnb serves hosts in providing a simple way to earn money from their extra space and opens its doors to travelers to allow them to find an experience and place that’s right for them.

Users can now experience an easier way to sign up to access places to stay in more than 34,000+ cities and book both short-term and long-term accommodations. Travelers can explore legendary properties, vacation homes, and apartments, and add them to their Wish List. Friends can also share ideas with their friends via KakaoTalk to allow for easier coordination on their next trip together.

Furthermore, travelers with an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus can now book and confirm their accommodations effortlessly by utilizing the Apple Pay service.

The Apple Pay implementation could lead to overall increased spending with Apple Pay, as at least one recent MIT study has suggested that when it’s easier to spend money, people will think less and inevitably spend more.

Lastly, prior to the latest updates, there were various complaints about the application crashing and failing. These glitches have been addressed with newest Airbnb update, which also includes a new, simplified account screen, allowing users to more easily access and manage their settings.

Other apps that travelers can use that have enabled Apple Pay are Groupon, Lyft, OpenTable and Uber.

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