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Google Drops Online Coupon Program

Sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t. It looks like Zavers, the online coupon program that was launched through Google 17 months ago, is just going to be one of those things that didn’t work out. Google announced yesterday that it is pulling the program, due to lack of interest.

Zavers allowed users to clip coupons online and use them in-store. It was intended to help merchants’ build more targeted and effective loyalty and reward programs.

“Zavers was basically a coupon program tied with the merchant point-of-sale system,” said Neil Doshi, analyst at CRT capital, according to Fox Business News. “My guess is that the integration process with the POS systems were proving to be challenging, and retailers were not too keen on sharing their data with Google.”

Google has said it will continue to work closely with users through the transition away from Zavers and that it continues to move forward with greater focused on more successful areas of their initial entrance into payments such as product listing ads, Google Shopping Express and Google Wallet.

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