Hackers’ Prime Target: Apple Pay

Apple Pay is already popular with consumers, which means that it will also become a popular target for cybercrime.

The Inquirer quotes a Kaspersky report which says that as Apple Pay gains in popularity– it will make its European debut next year–attempts to breach its security measures will grow as well.

The report notes that NFC systems have been attacked prior to Apple Pay’s launch, but the gains made by criminals have been limited by the limited use of such systems. The report noted Apple Pay’s focus on security, “but we’ll be very curious to see how hackers will exploit the features of this implementation.”

The Kaspersky report also predicted a growth in attacks on banks and ATMs, malware on smart TVs, and the replacement of gangs who have a public face and mount larger attacks with more covert groups which tend to focus on smaller, less noticeable cyberattacks.