McDumpals – The Place To Go When Craving A Stolen Card

Operating under the McDonald’s signature golden arches on a red background and borrowing a modified Ronald McDonald as their mascot (in this iteration he’s pointing a gun a the viewer) McDumpals is clearly in violation of a slew of intellectual property laws.

However, given than McDumpals is an online marketplace for the purchase and sale of credits cards numbers gained through illegal hacking, it may be safe to assume that they don’t care.

Noted web security advisor Brian Kreb went behind the scenes at McDumpals to get a feel for what shopping in the stolen card black-market is like.

Some finding were expected—the sites promote their newest numbers and sell them at the highest price, as they are likely to be the most viable.  Older numbers and codes are sold at a discounted rate, since the hacks they are associated with are more likely to have been discovered.  The site also allows customers the option to bundle packages of cards on file, as even black markets can make use of wholesale pricing.

More disturbing was the observable trend that McDumpals is also now allowing users to search of cards or batches of cards based on geographic location. This is meant to throw off bank security programs that flag transactions that occur too far outside a card’s normal area of use.

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