OmnyPay Raises $1.5M For Mystery Payments Operation

San Francisco payments startup OmnyPay is keeping a tight lid on its plans, but it has raised $1.5 million from Global Internet Ventures (GIV), VentureBeat reported.

The only information on the investment comes from a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing this week. According to that filing, OmnyPay was created earlier this year by its CEO, Ashok Narasimhan, whose previous startup was the sales optimization company Runa, which was sold to Staples in October 2013.

The filing also names William Melton, a partner at GIV, as a director. GIV has previously backed PC vendor Acer, content network Akamai and AOL, as well as payments companies Cybercash, Tarang, VeriFone and PayPal.

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