Amazon Commands Online Black Friday Spend

In the U.S., Cyber Monday still rules as the largest online spending retail holiday. And there’s one eCommerce giant leading the pack.

Yes, Amazon (of course). But just how much of the eCommerce pie did Jeff Bezos’ empire capture? According to data from Slice Intelligence, Amazon accounted for 36 percent of all online spend on the day. What’s worth noting, however, is that’s 3 percent lower than last year’s figures. Data from Slice also suggests that sales were down, but that was just based on its research projections.

Slice’s data comes from a panel of more than 3 million online shoppers that is used to measure digital commerce performances across retailers. The company claims that its “retailer-independent methodology precisely measures commerce as it happens.” The company also notes that it extracts “detailed information from hundreds of millions of aggregated and anonymized e-receipts” to map out purchases.

Slice’s data also showed that Cyber Monday shoppers, in general, spent an average of $67.30/order, which was up $20 from the other days of the shopping weekend. But its data also showed that consumers spent an average of $2 less than last year. With the rise of free shipping, that suggests that consumers are making more purchases but smaller ones per order.

As for what Amazon announced this week, the eCommerce giant didn’t release actual sales figures. But it did announce earlier this week that the number of Amazon devices sold over the holiday sales weekend was up three times from the previous year.

With “millions of devices sold,” Amazon remained vague on just how many devices were purchased by consumers. Amazon also has a lot more devices on the market to sell this year. For example, the Amazon Echo was launched in late 2014 but really came into the market in 2015. That alone could give Amazon a device sales boost.

In terms of how well Amazon’s devices are selling, some of the specific figures can only be speculated on. But Amazon did release that its Amazon Fire TV sold six times more than last year. Amazon has also gotten much heavier into its media focus (and picked up a few Emmys for its original series), so that could be a motivating factor for consumers to buy into Amazon Fire TV this year.


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