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Google Wallet Adds New Features

The ninth instantiation of Google Wallet is out for public consumption.

Well, technically the eighth. Google has brought us version 9.0 of the Google Wallet app without first bringing us version 8.0; they just jumped right from 7 to 9.

With this mobile wallet flash forward, one might expect that Google has made some fairly major overhauls.

Aside from bug fixes and minor performance tweaks, the two biggest changes that come with the new update: transaction searches and a Maps widget that shows the location of purchases.

Transaction search literally created a search bar on the Transaction screen that makes it easier to find previous purchases via a few keywords about it.

The new Maps widget helps users find (and physically see) on a map where their previous transactions transpired.

Ideally, the new upgrade will function as a security measure – a wrong and random transaction will make itself obvious when plotted on a map (particularly if the purchase is hundreds of miles outside a shopper’s purchae radius).


With these additions also comes a subtraction.  Google Wallet has said goodbye to its order screen. This makes some sense; orders used to be the go-to method for tracking previous purchases made online and shipping elsewhere.  Some of that tracking function will be covered by the new upgrade.

The rollout is expected to take a few days to reach all Google users, though it is currently available in the Play store.


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