Ingenico’s Contactless Payment Screens Ready For Debut

One French startup is trying to change the world of connected payments — with multiple screens. And it’s doing so with the payments solutions firm Ingenico.

Next month, Think&Go will debut what it calls the world’s first multi-payment connected screens with help from Ingenico, which will partner on the product launch that will entail connected screens that integrate contactless payments.

Connected screensWhat this innovative payments technology can offer the industry is a multi-merchant point-of-sale terminal designed to transform the sales and distribution channels at kiosks on the street, at train stations, metro stations, airports, shopping malls, etc.

The technology also allows consumers to buy and reserve products early for things like concert tickets and clothing or add value to their train tickets using the screen by tapping NFC mobile phones or contactless payment cards. The screens also work with Apple Pay-enabled devices. To kick off its launch next month, the Think&Go team will bring a screen to Apple’s headquarters in order for Apple CEO Tim Cook to test out the connected screen using Apple Pay to make a charitable donation.

“The need to be able to engage consumers via digital screen images is becoming stronger. In fact, over the last 20 years, the traditional screen’s usage has not greatly evolved; they show higher definition images, but the screens remain passive with little or no consumer interaction. With the first connected screens, we introduced a first breakthrough technology, which radically changed and simplified the consumer’s experience. With the new generation of screens integrating contactless payment, we enter into a new dimension,” said Vincent Berge, CEO and founder of Think&Go. “Payment on the screen adds a third sales channel following mobile and the Internet, which will radically change consumers impulse buying habits; it will revolutionize commerce and eCommerce.”


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